For those with a need for speed

The AN TURAS MOR Race at 345 miles miles and nearly 40,000' of elevation gain winding through the remote Highland Mountains between  Glasgow and  Cape Wrath  following cycle paths, historic military and drove trails, forest and hill off-road track and crossing numerous mountain passes is an endurance mountain bike race which can be ridden its entire length (apart from one mile of portage and a ferry crossing) 


The ATM is a monster! If the monster is in a good mood, you may experience the Highlands beautiful sunny blue skies and wildflowers blooming as far as you can see! But, be warned — the ATM's mood can change on a whim, and you may just as likely find yourself getting besieged by wind and rain and the ravenous Scottish Midge. In short, don't come to this race unprepared — no one will be there to rescue you. 

The ATM is similar to The Arizona Trail 300 and Tour Divide. There is no entry fee, no support, no registration, and no prize money. It is a self-timed ITT (Individual Time Trial): all that is provided is a route description, a suggested start time, and a list of results.