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The E-Bike is becoming more and more popular. We are getting asked more and more the question: 'Can you ride An Turas Mor, such a long off-road, backcountry trail on an E-Bike?' So in May 2024 a couple of riders from Obscura Mondo Cycle Club set off to find out.

The answer was a definite YES

The two bikes used - a hard tail and a full suspension both had 750Wh batteries and coped easily with the terrain and distances. Of course how far you get on an e-bike depends how you ride. Both riders said careful use of power was required. This meant having the power on Eco or even off when not needed preserving battery power for the many big climbs such as the Corrieyarrick Pass and the demands of changeable weather.

Charging was not a problem which all accommodation providers gave for free. 

The main limitation was daily distances never exceeded 50 miles so this meant completing An Turas Mor trail was necessarily slower than a fit rider on an unpowered bike can achieve. In all it took our riders ten days to complete the trail


An Turas Mor bc(2).png


Day 1: Glasgow to Aberfoyle: 25 miles

Day 2: Aberfoyle to Killin: 36 miles

Day 3: Killin to Carrour: 50 miles

Day 4: Carrour to Fort Augustus: 49 miles

Day 5: Fort Augustus to Struy 37 miles

Day 6: Struy to Aultguish: 40 miles

Day 7: Aultguish to Oykell Bridge: 33 miles

Day 8: Oykell Bridge to Altnaharra 43 miles

Day 9: Altnaharra to Durness: 50 miles

Day 10: Durness to Cape Wrath return 30 miles

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