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Trails evolve with time

Change to accommodation provider

Changes to accommodation provision along the trail in the far north. Weve been told that Altbea Lodge north of Garve  - the usual stopping place will not open for 2024 season. Weve tried to contact the Lodge to see if this is indeed the case and have been unsuccessful. Fortunately just a couple of miles further up the Ullapool Road is the Aultguish Inn. OMCC are riding the trail again and staying at Aultguish Inn and will post a review. You can contact the Inn via their website: North Coast 500 Accommodation Ullapool | Aultguish Inn Ullapool

Further north Overscaig Lodge on Loch Shin is still not open. Again, weve tried to contact the hotel to no avail.

posted May 2023

Forest Scotland have closed the wee bridge on the ATM Trail in the Queen Elizabeth Forest above Aberfoyle. The recommended diversion is to ride down the High Street towards Calender when you see the Medical Centre turn left here up the hill. Pass the Doonans Outdoor Activity Centre to gravel track. Turn left back to rejoin the trail.

posted May 2023

Of all people who should know better SSE Power at the head of Loch Shin have a gate that weve all suffered with for sometime. Its a locked gate with an open side gate. Unfortunately the side gate is just too small to allow easy passage of riders. Its just possible with ordinary bikes if you drop luggage however its impossible for ebikes. Please contact: Matt Dent, Local Access Officer, Sutherland on to join the voices asking for action to solve this access issue 'Use your rights - or lose them'

Trail diversion Aberfoyle

Problem Gate Loch Shin

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