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The GPX data for the entire route was recorded on a Garmin 820 Trip computer producing a downloadable GPX programme which when combined with Garmin Connect App produces a turn by turn guide of the entire route for  most modern GPS units. 

Downloads are welcome but please check your own compatibility

The GPX File copyright is owned by  Obscura Mondo Cycle . The Club is a group of cyclists with a similar frame of mind and a belief that cycle adventures away from motor vehicles, towns and cities are there to be experienced. The Club works to promote projects that encourage cyclists to safely enjoy in a sustainable way, new cycling challenges.

The Club asks for each download that you make a small voluntary donation to the Club via the Just Giving site. Click Donate button.



Donations fund this website. Please support the Club as it has ambitious plans to develop other long distance non technical trails in Scotland, which as usual needs money.

More information on the Club can be found by clicking Club Button

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