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AN TURAS MOR CYCLO-SPORTIVE 2021 - Saturday 4th September 2021



33 hours and 17 minutes


39 hours and 50 minutes


51 hours and 50 minutes


54 hours and 30 minutes


54 hours and 42 minutes


54 hours and 46 minutes


59 hours and 37 minutes


63 hours and 22 minutes



Congratulatiions to all who took part in this amazing effort and who have set the bar so high. Will Donnie's record be bettered? who knows till we hold the event next year. Rich D Secretary OMCC. More information and Photos to follow

An Turas Mor is Scottish Gaelic for the ‘Long Trail’

Riders are asking the question how fast can the 354 mile trail from Glasgow through the heart of the Highlands to Cape Wrath – the very wild and remote north west tip of mainland Scotland – can be ridden.

Obscura Mondo Cycle Club (OMCC) who developed the trail are hosting the first annual Cyclo-Sportive event this September 2021 to answer this question – how fast can this trail be ridden?

The event is a timed unsupported journey. In participating you are not competing against other riders, rather you are targeting your own personal goals, testing your fitness, the quality of your equipment and ability to travel in a self-sustained way on a bicycle.

Although not particularly technical the trail has 56,000 feet of ascent and descent on a mix of off-road, backcountry trails, is rideable throughout, often in wild and remote upland areas and should only be undertaken by those skilled and fit enough to safely travel on a self-sustained bicycle journey in such environments.


To enter you must register with OMCC  and agree to the event rules:

  1. You must have your own cycling insurance to take part in this event. In entering you agree that you have your own appropriate cycle insurance cover and will be able to prove such if asked to evidence this. If you are found not to have appropriate insurance cover you will be immediately disqualified from the event.

  2. To take part you must be a member of Obscura Mondo Cycle Club. Temporary Club Membership which includes some cover via the Clubs Cycling UK Insurance Policy is available. Temporary membership of OMCC for the duration of the ride (up to seven days) costs £20.00 payable to OMCC in advance and must be booked and paid for when registering. 

  3. Once you have registered you will be sent the official An Turas Mor Timed Event 2021 Trail GPX file. Note this trail route has subtle differences to the traditional trail route, designed to enhance your ride experience and challenge. The GPX file shows the start location. All you have to do then is turn up at the start point at 6.00am on Saturday 4th September 2021 at Kelvin Bridge on Kelvin Way at the entrance to Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow (55/52oN/4/17oW)

  4. An event number will be issued to you which must be displayed on your bike at all times during this event.  A dated and timed photo of you will be taken, then that’s you off. The rest is up to you.

  5. You must record your entire journey on Strava in two separate files: File 1. Glasgow to Durness Ferry. File 2. Durness Ferry House, Cape Wrath Peninsula (the other side of the Durness estuary) to Cape Wrath Lighthouse. If for whatever reason the Durness ferry is not operating or the Cape Wrath Peninsula is closed to the public. Your average mileage time will be used to calculate your final time as if you had been able to ride to the Cape Wrath Lighthouse. If the peninsula is open and the ferry is operating then you are expected to complete this final section of the  event. All ferry costs must be met by entrants

  6.  At the end of the event this Strava files must be submitted to OMCC who will check it and make an official verification statement, which will be your official time. OMCC decisions are final.

  7. You must stick to the GPX event route – if you are forced to make a variation OMCC will decide whether this variation was valid or not. OMCC has the final say whether to accept the variation or not. Unacceptable variation from the event route will result in disqualification.

  8. Spot checkpoints. There will be spot checkpoints on the trail manned by OMCC officials. If you encounter a checkpoint you must stop. A timed and dated photo of you will be taken then you can go on your way. This time dated photo will be added to your event file and is part of the time verification process.

  9. This is a self-supported ride. You must be prepared to ride the entire route without any support from any third party. This means prearranged food drops or mechanical support or any other means of support is not allowed. Putting it simply – Do this ride yourself, carry your own gear, carry your own food, carry your own spares, know the trail ahead and challenges you  are likely to face. If you do get an un-reparable breakdown you must withdraw – there is always next year. This is a timed event to test you and the bike. If you can’t stick to this condition then you are being unfair to riders who are sticking to this rule and really are just cheating yourself and others.

  10. In entering all riders accept that they are responsible for their own actions. Riders must ride safely, show consideration for other trail users and respect the environment. Helmets, Lights reflective gear are mandatory. The event is not a race so you should always ride within your ability and be aware that you are travelling through very remote landscape and therefore have all the clothing and safety devices with you such as Epurbs which is recommended so that if you have a problem you can help get yourself out of that problem.

  11. Spot Tracking: The ATM trail passes through remote areas where GSM Trackers will not work. Having a tracking device with you which allows us and your family/friends to see your live progress  considerably enhances your safety and allows family and friends to be involved. The Highland 550 make it a condition of entry that you have a Spot Tracker with you. We have decided to give you the option to have one of these devices or not. However we strongly recommend that for your safety and to make it considerably easier to find you should something go radically wrong that you have a spot tracking device with you.

  12. Riders agree that social media content posted by OMCC about the ride can be used for publicity purposes without recompense

  13. OMCC reserves the right should unforeseen circumstances occur during the event requiring the event to be cancelled Riders agree to withdraw without recompense. In these strange COVID days if we have to cancel at short notice temporary membership fee of OMCC will be refunded on request.

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