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Cycle An Turas Mor

on Scotland’s Premier Mountain Bike- Gravel Bike Trail

Thank you for your interest in An Turas Mor  - 


Attached are 8 links to downloadable GPX files.


Obscura Mondo Cycle Club give you these files free of charge but ask you to consider making a donation to support the cost of maintaining the trail website, improving trail signage and two important trail improvements – encouraging SSE Hydro to allow cyclists to cross the Torr Achility Dam and the construction of a foot bridge crossing at Cashel Dhu. Both these trail improvements will improve ride quality and enhance safety.


If you want to make a donation to support the work of the Club you can do so by visiting our page on the JustGiving website on:

Obscura Mondo Cycle Club have published a guidebook, ebook and map to accompany these files. Available on line via the trail website

or contact 

All donations go to support the ambitions of the Club.

We hope you safely enjoy your ATM Journey through the heart of back-country Scotland.  Remember we want to hear of your journey or any issues with the trail you encounter so we can share this information with those planning to ride the route and to keep the trail website up to date.  Please send us your reports / blog post / photos, as we have a riders page so others can learn of your experiences riding ATM. 



Click link to open in browser.   Files  (8) can be exported to your navigation device  :-

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